Our boot fitting team is extensively trained to determine the right ski boot for you by analyzing the size and shape of your feet, along with your general anatomy and experience on the hill. We want to get to know you, your skiing needs and goals. We want to hear about your most recent epic powder day or your best morning ever cutting a rug on the fresh groomed corduroy on your favorite run.

Our store is home to the best boot fitting equipment and machinery needed to execute alterations in-house, by the experts that know you best! 


“Commit to the Fit” Guarantee

At Bootworks, we value the fact that our customers have committed to specifically come to us to get their boots fit. We guarantee our boot fits within one year of purchase. We will get it done right the first time and if you’re not satisfied, the answer is simple: We fix it or replace it.

Your boots will be the most comfortable, best skiing boots you've ever owned. We strive daily to exceed your expectations when you walk through the door. We value our clients and are only as good as the last satisfied customer!

We know that happy feet make happy people.

Our Custom Ski Boot Fitting Process

Step 1 :: Evaluation
We evaluate the foot by measuring the length, width and thickness. We then match a boot to your foot shape and skier type. This ensures the right boot in the right fit, flex and size.

Step 2 :: Foundation
The foundation of a good fitting boot is a custom ski boot footbed. Our footbeds allow the foot to maintain its natural movement for better balance in the boot.

Step 3 :: Shell Customization
We take the hard plastic shell of the boot and heat it in boiling water. This makes the shell soft like taffy so we can stretch it to match the shape of your foot. This is a step that very few shops can do. It adds efficiency and precision.

Step 4 :: Liner Customization
At this stage, we heat the customizable liner so it can mold to the foot and new shell shape. This accelerates the break-in process. Every boot we sell has a heat fit liner. This is what most shops call custom fit boots. For us, it is just one piece of the puzzle.

Step 5 :: Alignment & Body Position
This is making sure that the ski is flat on the snow, allowing the ski boot to become more efficient. Aligning the boot and planing the sole of the boot is the only way this can be achieved. This is an extra-added Bootworks feature that most shops don’t normally do. We do this with every boot we sell!

Step 6 :: Go Skiing (It’s smile time)
Now your boots are 100% custom fit before you spend one day on the slopes. No more wasted time and ski trips by having to get off the mountain because of sore feet.

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